Our emerging markets strategies aim to generate alpha within an asset class recognized for its inefficiency and return potential. The core of our approach is a focus on local specialists who have a geographical and cultural advantage in identifying alpha opportunities within these highly diverse markets. With almost two decades of experience investing in emerging markets, we have cultivated a global network to source and diligence talented specialists.


Our Emerging Markets Long/Short strategy aims to deliver results in line with emerging markets equities with less risk over a full market cycle. The strategy targets a net exposure of 50%-75% and comprises local specialists across a range of styles and exposure biases. Built from the bottom up, underlying managers are selected based on their ability to deliver stock specific alpha and flexibility to adapt to the market environment.


Our Emerging Markets Long Only strategy comprises highly focused local specialists who collectively aim to outperform emerging markets equities over a full market cycle. Underlying specialists are typically unconstrained by factors such as style and/or market cap and are carefully selected for their stock selection ability. These local specialists typically cover a broad array of stocks within countries and are not benchmark sensitive. This all-cap, core approach offers diverse alpha opportunities within emerging markets.


Our China Long Only strategy seeks to outperform the greater Chinese equity markets over a full market cycle. The strategy combines highly focused, locally based, alpha oriented, equity specialists to create a strategy which invests across styles, market cap and share classes. By leveraging the research of niche specialists, the strategy offers an effective way for investors to benefit from the opportunities in the disparate and growing markets of China and Taiwan.

There is no guarantee that any of the strategies’ objectives described above will be achieved.