Our process is grounded in the belief that genuine investment talent is scarce, and high caliber, high integrity people are the key drivers to long-term success.


Potential investments are rigorously scrutinized by three independent in-house teams who conduct a multi-stage vetting process:

  • Qualitative due diligence
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Operational due diligence

Each team has the power to veto a potential investment, with a manager only eligible for investment after being approved by each team.


Ongoing risk management frames all our portfolio decisions and allows for a dynamic understanding of the risk taken at both the underlying manager level and the portfolio level.

Our proven investment process consists of sourcing specialized managers, conducting continuous due diligence, and providing our clients with unparalleled access to our strategies and team.

The ABSolute

Our proprietary system, The ABSolute, serves as the nexus of all firm activity, from due diligence and risk management, to our highly customizable and transparent investor reporting.

The ABSolute is a robust, comprehensive, data-driven system, developed from the bottom up and continually updated to integrate new ideas. The system has meticulously captured almost two decades of detailed data, creating a streamlined system to evaluate investment opportunities.