ABS Global Investments recognizes, as individuals and as a firm, that we have a responsibility not only to our investors, but also to our global community. Our ESG / Diversity & Inclusion Committee helps guide and enrich this effort by implementing firmwide initiatives to ensure we continue to adapt and improve in these rapidly evolving spaces.

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We have implemented several waste reduction and resource efficiency initiatives to reduce our environmental footprint. Further, we offset 125% of our carbon emissions that cannot be eliminated by investing in projects that are specifically aimed at reducing or removing carbon from the atmosphere and are proud to be a Carbon Neutral Organization. We leverage resources from the Carbon Fund to calculate our annual emissions, and partner with The Carbon Footprint to identify qualified offsetting projects.

Since the launch of ABS, diversity has been a defining characteristic of our firm and a key driver to our success. We are diversified by gender, ethnicity and culture, with women occupying key roles on all teams. A diverse workforce allows us to attract and retain the best talent, helps to prevent groupthink by introducing a wide range of experiences and perspectives, encourages creativity and innovation, and provides unique cultural insights.

As a majority employee-owned business, all employees are empowered to act as owners and engage in healthy debate to ensure our firm is continually progressing and improving.

“A diverse workforce allows
us to attract and
retain the best talent.”


As an investor, our focus on local and niche managers often means ABS Global Investments is a significant investor in the early stages of a manager’s track record. We leverage this platform to promote better corporate social responsibility for investment firms around the world by encouraging our invested managers to develop and maintain an ESG policy. Doing so provides the investment team sufficient confidence that any potential ESG-related risks and opportunities are being properly assessed in the investment process, while also ensuring our managers are committed to being thoughtful corporate citizens. Our goal is to not only better safeguard the interests of our investors, but also to contribute to a more sustainable asset management industry.

ABS Global Investments is also a proud signatory of the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment (“PRI”).

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