Our Team Approach

As longtime equity long/short investors, ABS' Founding Partners are distinctly aware of the culture and characteristics that can position a team for long term success in our industry. To this end, we have built a flat organization and fostered a collaborative culture valuing:

  • Curiosity rather than defensiveness
  • Independent thinking and willingness to challenge the consensus
  • Ownership and accountability
  • Loyalty and long-term commitment
  • Mentorship approach to cultivating employee growth
  • Continuous improvement rather than complacency

Our team comprises individuals with diverse backgrounds from around the world. We represent eleven nationalities and speak twelve languages. Our common commitments to integrity and to serving our investors provide the unifying principles that guide our work at ABS.

Ensuring an alignment of interest is fundamental to the structure of the firm. ABS is majority-owned by employees with the Partners having significant personal investments alongside our investors in our commingled products.

ABS maintains an open work environment and a collegial atmosphere encouraging individuals from across the firm to contribute ideas and to challenge the consensus in an effort to continuously improve the firm and the results for our investors.