ABS Investment Management

Specialist Approach in Global Equity Investing

ABS Investment Management LLC is an investment management firm specializing in global equity solutions, with extensive experience in both emerging markets and early stage investing.   Headquartered in Greenwich, CT, the firm began operations in the fall of 2002, and has a presence in Hong Kong, Zurich and São Paulo. The Founding Partners - Alain De Coster, Laurence Russian and Guilherme Valle - have been working together since 1994. Our clients comprise a broad array of sophisticated investors from around the world including Pension Plans (Public, Corporate and Taft Hartley), Endowments, Foundations, Insurance Companies and High Net Worth Individuals.

With our primary objective of delivering investment solutions with compelling risk-adjusted returns, we offer both commingled products as well as customized accounts to help meet the changing needs of our clients.

  • Established in 2002, first product launched in January 2003
  • Registered with the SEC since 2003
  • Commingled funds as well as customized separate accounts
  • Institutional asset base with ERISA dedicated products
  • Proprietary systems and risk management via "The ABSolute"
  • Significant personal investment from Partners
  • Diverse, international team with offices on 4 continents

Value Proposition

Unlike newer entrants to the space, our experience dates back to the team's genesis at Banco Garantia in 1994. With two decades of experience, our international background and our deep industry network, we believe that we have built a competitive edge in identifying and evaluating investment managers early in their life cycles around the world.  Moreover, our willingness to invest early and focus on specialized managers in niche markets provides access to a differentiated source of alpha.  In addition, our partnership approach to assisting emerging managers in the implementation of best practices have established our reputation as a trusted sounding board in the industry.